Former Indonesian President Suharto and his family own at least 88 million hectares of forests throughout Indonesia, said a spokesperson of the forest ministry. According to an investigation headed by forestry minister, Muslimin Nasution the land was held outright and other holdings were in the form of shares in industrial timber estates, forest concessions and plantations owned by associates Mohammad Hasan and Prajogo Pangestu in areas of Irian Jaya, Maluku and East Kalimantan.

Hasan, Suharto's closest business associate and Pangestu, are Indonesia's leading timber tycoons. A separate report quoted the head of the land affairs department in the district of Bogor, which overlooks Jakarta. The report says that in addition to a controversial cattle ranch, the family owned an orchard, an ostrich farm, a golf course and 29,640 hectares of undeveloped land.

Siti Hardijanti Rukmana, Suharto's eldest daughter, set up the Tanjung Enam Lestari pulp and paper mill with Hasan, while his youngest daughter Siti Hutami Endang holds the sole rights to 0.52 million hectares land in East Kalimantan

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