Mixed reality

Mixed reality The virtual world of is serious business. Last month steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal, ceo of ArcelorMittal, held a regular shareholders" meeting in Luxembourg and linked it with the digital continent.
The meeting was held to give shareholders an opportunity to meet and talk to Mittal. Avatars in secondlife could see in streaming video ArcelorMittal chairman being interviewed and entering into a dialogue with investors in Luxembourg. The avatars also got the opportunity to ask questions, which they did.
Secondlife, is a virtual world which allows its members to assume different identities and live in a created digital continent teeming with people,experiences, entertainment and opportunities of their choice. Secondlife enables you to create your own character by choosing your physical features and your virtual name.
ArcelorMittal wants to reach younger shareholders or potential shareholders residing in this virtual world. The company even considers selling shares in secondlife.

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