Executive summary of REIA/EMP report for expansion of Alumina Refinery Plant

M/s Vedanta Aluminium Limited (VAL) proposes to expand the existing Alumina Refinery from 1 MMTPA to 6 MMTPA by adding capacity of 5 MMTPA. The expansion project will be setup within and adjacent to the premises of VAL in Lanjigarh, Orissa. The existing plant site is about 3.7-km (aerial distance) from Lanjigarh and the nearby villages are Kinari, Bandagruha, Kapagruha, Basantapara & Sindhabahal. The plant is located on the road connecting state highway SH-6 (Bhawanipatna-Rayagada) to Lanjigarh. Small villages, agricultural lands and grazing lands, mainly surround the site. The nearest railway station is at Muniguda at a distance about 25 km (by road).For the purpose of preparation of rapid EIA, the base line data on ambient air, water, soil, noise environment of the study area were collected during the study period of 1st March 2007 to 29th February 2008 for 10 km radius considering the plant location as the center. A detailed study of the socio-economic aspects of the study area was also carried out during the said period.