Report of the committee to evolve road map on management of wastes in India

Report of the committee to evolve road map on management of wastes in India This report submitted to MoEF provides a road map for managing wastes in India. Examines existing administrative and regulatory mechanisms to manage various types of waste and details strategies for sustainable waste management.
Rapid economic growth is leading to urbanization and industrialization generating waste which is adversely effecting the environment. To address the problem of waste management in the country the Ministry of Environment and forests, Government of India constituted a committee under my chairmanship to evolve a road map for the management of waste in India and to suggest a policy and strategy for achieving the same. The scope of the committee was to examine the existing administrative and regulatory mechanism in Waste management. Management of waste in an environmentally sustainable manner is a challenging task. It involves reusing and recycling of all types of waste ranging from domestic waste to industrial waste. Technologies have to be developed for tackling Waste Management and promoting its reuse, recycling and waste to energy operation. It is vital to involve all stakeholders in Management of Waste. These include local governmental organizations, private entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations and civil society. See also Legislation: Draft E-waste Rules, 2009 Report: Management of waste in India - performance audit Report: Solid waste management - standing committee Legislation: The Municipal Solid Wastes Rules, 2000 Legislation: The Plastics Rules, 2009 - draft notification Report: Guidelines for environmentally sound management of e-waste

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