The sustainability of the world's 3rd largest game park - the Dinder Park in Sudan - is being seriously doubted now. Home to over 150 varieties of birds and a large wildlife population, the park has for long attracted the attention of hunters, nomads and farmers. According to the park authorities, ,he hunters target animals and birds, especially the izuinea fowl, by poisoning their water sources.

Says Hatim Mubarak, the warden in charge of the Dinder Park: "The park is under a serious threat. It iacks funds and enough game wardens to patrol the area." Sudanese environ-nentalists share the concern, too. At a recent workshop in Khartoum, Mutasim Nimir, Khairman. of the Sudanese environmental Society poin - ted out that "spraying of pesticides by planes also affect the wildlife population in the parks, especially birds."

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