Standard operating procedure for responding to natural disasters

This SOP lays down the specific actions required to be taken by various Ministries and Departments of Government of India and Organisations under the control of Government of India at the National level and concerned State Governments and the district administration for responding to natural disasters of any magnitude and dimension. The objectives of the SOP are: To provide, in a concise and convenient form, a list of major executive actions involved in responding to natural disasters and necessary measures for preparedness, response and relief required to be taken; To ensure that all concerned Ministries, Departments and Organisations of the Government of India, State Governments and District Administrations know the precise measuresrequired of them at each stage of the process and also to ensure that all actions are closely and continuously coordinated; and To indicate various actions which would be required by the State Governments/UT Administrations within their sphere of responsibilities so that they may prepare and review the Contingency Action Plans accordingly.

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