Late rains will cause increase in power demand from Oct 10

Demand for power will increase from next October 10 for the Rabi Season due to late of rains this year. This year the Kharif crops are maturing late. Hence, the demand for Rabi season will also be late. Necessary preparations for the ensuing Rabi season are going on. The annual maintenance work of thermal power projects will be completed by October 1. At present the demand for electricity has gone up from 4500 MW to 5700 MW. Since day temperature has gone up from September 27 and for irrigating some crops, the demand for electricity has gone up. Because of this, the normal demand of 4500 MW in September has gone up to 5700 MW. To meet this increase in demand maximum power is being produced by the hydro-electric power projects. The water level in dams of hydro-electric projects has reached its maximum level. Not to waste the water, secondary generation is being going on in the hydroelectric projects. Since Durga Festival starts from October 8, demand for power is expected to increase. Efforts are on to provide uninterrupted power at night in all places during the festival period. Annual maintenance work of thermal power projects are expected to be over within a few days. Only the unit No. 4 (210 MW) of Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Project will take little more time to complete its maintenance work. It is expected that it will be ready for production by October 15. After that none of the units will be shut down for annual maintenance. The Kakarapar unit No. 1 and 2 (210 MW each), and unit No. 6 of Vindhyachal of the Central region will be ready by October 10 only. From the Damodar Valley Corporation 130 to 140 MW power will be getting from October 1. Along with this, through banking, 500 MW from other states will also be receiving. It may be mentioned here that the Electricity Regulatory Commission has ordered to provide 22 hours a day in divisional headquarters, 19 hours in district headquarters, 14 hours in tehsil headquarters and 12 hours in rural areas. The energy department is determined to supply electricity as per above order.

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