Iron and steal: the Posco-India story

This report by Mining Zone People’s Solidarity Group investigates actual impacts of the POSCO project on people of Jagatsinghpur, Keonjhar and Sundergerh in Orissa where the steel plant, the port, and the mines will be set up.

This report presents a comprehensive analysis of the claims advanced by the State and Central governments and the POSCO company itself, of the various benefits that would accrue to “the people”, and the total addition to the state economy due to this project. Going beyond the standard narratives of revenues and cash flow, this report investigates the actual impacts of the POSCO project on the residents of Jagatsinghpur, Keonjhar and Sundergerh, where the steel plant, the port, and the mines will be set up—the same “people” in whose name the POSCO project has been so vigorously pushed by the government of Orissa. The report also looks at the pivotal roles played by the various institutions of the government in justifying and implementing this project, many times in an undemocratic, illegal and coercive manner. Finally, this report offers a critical evaluation of the only cost?benefit analysis of the POSCO project done so far, conducted by the National Council for Applied Economic Research (NCAER) in 2007, and highlights the fundamental flaws in its methodology and its conclusions.

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