Seed bill 2010: an analytic view

India is a country mainly relied upon agriculture and for boosting up agricultural output availability of good quality of seeds to farmers is inevitable. To regulate the seed sector the Parliament has enacted the Seed Act 1966. Due to recent innovations in the seed sector, entry of private industry and introduction of varieties of seeds and its importation in India, makes the existing Seed Act as redundant since it fails to serve useful purpose. Hence, it paves the way to Government to introduce a new Bill in the Parliament legislation to deal with several issues in the seed sector. Accordingly, the Seed Bill 2004 has been prepared and introduced in the Rajya Sabha on 9th December, 2004 and thereupon referred to Parliamentary Standing Committee on agricultural chaired by Prof. Ramgopal Yadav to study and submit its report. The Seed Bill 2004 introduced radical changes in the seed sector.