Meghalaya state aquaculture mission: draft

Inspite of the immense potential for developing fisheries, the State has not made any major progress in the Fisheries sector, due to various constraints, fund allocation being one of them. Therefore, it has been decided to give a thrust to the sector by launching a “Meghalaya State Aquaculture Mission”, to create an additional one lakh numbers of ponds of a minimum size of 0.1 hectare, and a maximum size of 1 hectare, to cover a total water area of Ten Thousand Hectares within a span of 5 (five) years. The mission will also adopt a cluster approach for intensive development of fisheries in certain blocks with high potential. The Mission being a holistic one, will seek to provide the forward and backward linkages to the fisheries sector by focussing on fish seed and fish feed production through private participation, and create a value chain for the fisheries sector in the State.

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