Nepal sanitation and hygiene master plan 2011

The Master Plan largely focuses to Open Defecation Free (ODF) with universal access to toilet in both the urban and rural context through the total sanitation approach. It has recognized the improved toilet facilities as defined by the Joint Program Monitoring (JMP) Report of UNICEF and WHO. Apart from ODF and toilet coverage, it has encouraged hygiene behaviors at household level and institutional sanitation. And total behavioral change is the envisaged end product of the sanitation and hygiene interventions. Toilet coverage along with household level waste management has been considered as the key hygiene and sanitation components in urban and semi-urban settings. Most importantly, the Master Plan is intended for formulation of strategies, strategic action planning and for programming in central government, donor, NGOs and local government bodies. The Master Plan largely recognizes the leadership of the local government bodies for effective program undertaking through unified plan/plan of action on sanitation by taking in to account the spirit of decentralization.

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