Happily uprooted

Happily uprooted

   A  well-calculated compensation plan eases relocation pain of forest dwellers from the core area of Melghat Tiger Reserve. It’s not the kind of relocation story that one usually hears. Early last year three villages were uprooted from their traditional land in the core area of the Melghat Tiger Reserve to make way for free movement of the big cat. They did not protest, and walked away with their belongings and herds of cattle.


Report: Village relocation - Success achieved by Melghat Tiger Reserve Management

Report: Centrally sponsored plan scheme ‘Project Tiger’ administrative approval for funds release to Melghat Tiger Reserve

News: Villagers move out of tiger zone, and are the richer for it

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Web: Melghat Tiger Project, Amravati

Feature:Tension over relocation at Melghat sanctuary

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Feature: Displacement and relocation from protected areas: Towards a biological and historical synthesis

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