Mining of sand means big business

Mining of sand means big business

Some states have banned mechanised mining, but the mafia is not ready to obey. Illegal mining is hollowing the riverbed putting at risk the stability and ecology of rivers. This special report in Down To Earth examines the murky business of sand mining. Where there is a river, there is sand. Called a minor mineral, it fulfils a major requirement of the booming construction industry. No wonder, many senior bureaucrats and politicians in power are hand-in-glove with local contractors to make huge gains from illegal sand mining. Even as the exchequer suffers, little attention is given to the long-lasting scars sand mining leaves on ecology.

Reportage on Sand Mining: Legal or illegal, sand is mined without restraint

There is no organized sand mining in Goa and it is aam aadmi who is extracting the sand. AP govt to issue new guidelines over Illegal Sand Mining.
Illegal sand mining along the Gomti river destroys farmland in Uttarakhand. Himachal Pradesh is being threatened by illegal mining.



Mining Hot spots

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In-court: Environment clearance mandatory for all mining sites - SC.

Feature: Sand mining in India.

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Act: Kerala protection of river banks and regulation of removal of sand act.

Rules: Kerala Minor Mineral Concession (Amendment) Rules 2011.

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MINING FACTS - issues of sustainable management

Mining Statistics

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