Master plan for Port Blair planning area – 2030

In an effort towards the planned and sustainable development of Port Blair town and the surrounding villages which are environmentally sensitive and ecologically fragile, the Hon’ble Lt. Governor has approved the Master Plan for Port Blair Planning Area and the approval is notified in A &N gazette. The Master Plan for Port Blair comes into operation with effect from the date of Notification that is on 1st March 2012. The Master Plan is a long term plan for the town and the surrounding villages incorporating physical, social, economic and environmental aspects of development. The Master Plan covers Port Blair town and the immediate surrounding 31 villages which were notified as Port Blair Planning/ Development area and two Part villages viz, Austinabad and Minnie Bay and Viper Island. The surrounding villages cover up to Beadonabad in the South and Wandoor in the South-West, Tusnabad in the West, Wimberlygunj in the North, extending an area of 157

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