State strategy and action plan on climate change Himachal Pradesh 2012

Himachal Pradesh being very sensitive to various facets of climate change, it is imperative that systematic and scientific observations are made on various aspects of climate. This would call for mounting research and data collection through various institutions located within the state and also sensitize the different organs of the government machinery to appreciate the climate induced impacts and start preparing and adapting the changes by recasting the strategies and policies. Climate change being a multi disciplinary and multifaceted subject require coordinated effort by involving the existing institutions and the expertise available with them for proper understanding and recording local level changes that are being perceived by the people and can also make a difference to micro level climate. The centre as a follow up of the First Meeting of the State Centre on Climate Change held at Shimla on 14th November 2011 , initiated to work initially in consonance with the two National Missions viz. Mission on Sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem and the Mission for Sustainable Agriculture .

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