Draft Revised Regional Plan-2021 for National Capital Region

The broad objective of the Regional Plan-2021 "for promoting growth and balanced development of the Region” is to be achieved by: Providing suitable economic base for future growth by identification and development of regional settlements capable of absorbing the economic development impulse of NCT-Delhi; Providing efficient and economic rail and road based transportation networks (including mass transport systems) well integrated with the land use patterns; Minimizing the adverse environmental impact that may occur in the process of development of the National Capital Region; Developing selected urban settlements with urban infrastructural facilities such as transport, power, communication, drinking water, sewerage, drainage, etc. comparable with NCT-Delhi; Providing a rational land use pattern in order to protect and preserve good agricultural land and utilise unproductive land for urban uses; and Promoting sustainable development in the region to improve quality of life. Improving efficiency of existing methods of resource mobilisation and adopt innovative methods of resource mobilisation and facilitate, attract and guide private investment in desired direction.

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