‘Learning through Serving transforms Children into Change Agents’, says Menahem Kanafi, Israel Consul General to South-India

  • 02/10/2013

‘Learning through Serving transforms Children into Change Agents’,  says Menahem Kanafi, Israel Consul General to South-India

Chennai, October 1, 2013:  Mr. Menahem Kanafi, Israel Consul General to South-India was the Guest of Honor at Kodaikanal International School (KIS) Social Experience Program.  During his visit Mr Kanafi was introduced to a KIS Social Experience Project. Mr. Kanafi visited a village home where students of KIS had installed a ‘smokeless chulha or stove’.

Attributing to the immense value KIS’ Social Experience brings to the development of its students, Mr. Menahem Kanafi said “the program’s approach of mutual and reciprocal interaction with the community is paramount”.

“Children are shapers of the future. The potential of children to interpret the world meaningfully comes from the impressions they receive from their surroundings, the actions they undertake, the decisions they make and the values they absorb. They have a natural predisposition to learn from others and their environment. KIS’ Social Experience Program is a compass. It is an impressive platform wherein students are constantly learning through serving. And this is what helps them transform into agents of change”, concluded Mr. Kanafi.

KIS Social Experience Department, in partnership with Help Kids India, an American NGO provides hands on experience for KIS students to install smokeless stoves in village homes, working side by side with local people, using local materials. KIS students install the clay, 2 burner stove, made by local potters, which has a connection to a "chimney" made out of clay in village homes. The benefits of this project spread far beyond young children, to their siblings, mother, fathers and other members of the family, and also provide income for village potters.

Ann Peck, the head of Help Kids India mentions “WHO indicates a high death rate for children under 5 years old from lung infections related to unventilated cooking stoves in the home. Young lungs cannot tolerate the pollution and can lead to infection and death if untreated.”

KIS principal Mr. Adrian Moody said “KIS students are out on weekends to do stove installations, and this effort has been very successful. The impact it’s had on the students who have done installations has been practically life-changing. The KIS Social Experience program takes students along the road to self –discovery, nurturing community service and social interaction.”

According to a World Health Organization health report; 1.6 million people die globally every year from toxic smoke inhalation from the daily task of cooking in unventilated homes - primarily women and children. It is the largest killer of children under 5 years old.

About KIS Social Experience Program:

The KIS Social Experience program aims to blend a comprehensive classroom teaching program with a variety of community oriented activities providing students with abundant opportunities for enriching personal growth, enhanced civic awareness, and a progressive global outlook. Classroom teaching focuses on topics as diverse as climate change, child labour, tribal culture and village justice, the digital divide, animal rights, deforestation, women's issues, through seminars, video presentations, "take a stand" activities, story-telling and lectures. The emphasis is on sustainability and empowerment.

About KIS:

Established in 1901, Kodaikanal International School (KIS) has established itself as a leading institution offering a global education experience.  Set in the peaceful Palani Hills of South India, this residential campus combines an ambitious academic programme and a rich range of extracurricular activities all within a value framework that draws on a variety of cultures.

With a charter to prepare young minds for global citizenship, KIS curriculum is based on the ‘holistic’ philosophy of education evident in its curriculum, with emphasis on awareness or extension / enrichment programs. The importance of educating the whole person is an integral part of all KIS programs and our students achieve in a wide variety of arenas from academic to music, art to cultural, social service and environmental commitment.

KIS was recently ranked No.1 International Residential School in the Education World Schools Ranking 2013 Survey which  has been conducted by C-fore Consulting

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