Himachal Pradesh state water policy 2013

The objective of the State Water Policy is to take cognizance of the existing situation, to propose a framework for creation of a system of laws and institutions and for a plan of action with a unified national perspective. According to the policy, public policies on water resources need to be governed by certain basic principles, so that there is some commonality in approaches in dealing with planning, development and management of water resources. It also emphasizes the need to evolve a State Water Framework Law as an umbrella statement of general principles governing the exercise of legislative and/or executive powers by the States and the local governing bodies. The policy advises that the use of water should be optimized and an awareness of water as a scarce resource should be fostered. It also suggests that the availability of water resources and its use by various sectors in various basin and states in the country need to be assessed scientifically and reviewed at periodic intervals. A system to evolve benchmarks for water uses for different purposes, i.e., water footprints, and water auditing should be developed to promote and incentivize efficient use of water. The policy emphasizes on the pricing of water, which should ensure its efficient use and reward conservation. It says that the conservation of rivers, river corridors, water bodies and infrastructure should be undertaken in a scientifically planned manner through community participation.

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