Why sustainable energy matters to Children: the critical importance of sustainable energy for children and future generations

UNICEF has launched a new report highlighting the many ways in which sustainable energy is vital for children, providing major opportunities to improve their health, education, well-being and development. Energy is needed to deliver babies safely, keep vaccines cool, sterilise medical equipment and guarantee food and water quality. Without light, children cannot study after dark. Smoke from wood, charcoal and other traditional cooking fires kills 4.3 million people a year, mainly women and children. Girls can spend hours a week gathering firewood, exposing them to health and other hazards and depriving them of time for school. The report, “Why Sustainable Energy Matters to Children: The critical importance of sustainable energy for children and future generations“, provides an overview of the sustainable energy needs, issues, opportunities and barriers that children are facing around the world. It also makes recommendations to address these, illustrated with examples of innovative sustainable energy solutions for children from Bangladesh, Burundi and Uganda.

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