The Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2015

India and China are the world’s fastest-expanding large economies but which has been better at sharing the benefits of that growth with its people? A new World Economic Forum survey titled “Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2015” released, tries to go beyond gross domestic product figures to give a more detailed look at how different economies are doing. It lists and ranks 112 countries using 140 indicators. By pointing to relative performance on everything from labor productivity and women’s pay to the size of the middle class and health care coverage, the report is attempting to show how inclusive growth is in each country. The report says most countries still have a long way to go, need to look closely at their relative performances and adjust their policies so that as their economies expand, more of their citizens benefit from that growth. Societies that have had particular success in building a robust middle class and reducing poverty and social marginalization have tended to create effective economic institutions and incentives … while supporting growth through sound macroeconomic policies and efficiency-enhancing reforms, the report said.

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