Strategies to reduce air pollution from trucks entering and leaving Delhi

The Hon’ble Supreme Court has been concerned about the pollution of trucks entering and leaving Delhi for the past decade. In its order of December 6, 2001, the Hon’ble Supreme Court had banned entry of non-destined commercial transit traffic effective from January 15, 2002. These vehicles could enter only on payment of toll and tax for transportation of goods to and from Delhi. Then in its order of 11.2.2005, 11.3.2005 and 1.8.2005 the Hon’ble Supreme Court had ruled, “that no corridor joining different highways should pass through Delhi”. Subsequently, the Supreme Court had directed to construct Western Peripheral Road also known as Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway and Eastern Peripheral Expressway to take the non-destined trucks away to decongest Delhi. Subsequently, EPCA has continued to monitor progress in the above directions and has brought the matter of delay and non-implementation of the above directions to the attention the Hon’ble Supreme Court. The Hon’ble Supreme Court, driven by concern for growing pollution, has passed orders and directed for expeditious completion of the bypass.

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