Mauritania misses out

  • 30/01/2006

Mauritania misses out The International Monetary Fund (imf) will write off the us $3.3 billion owed to it by all but one of the 20 poorest countries in the world. The write-off, slated to come into effect from early 2006, was agreed upon in a g 8 countries meet in July, 2005.

Mauritania has missed out on the largesse, till it makes "satisfactory progress' in a few policy areas. "We are optimistic that once the required policy options are taken, Mauritania will also be in a position to receive 100 per cent debt relief,' imf spokesperson Thomas Dawson said without specifying the areas of concern.

Earlier in the month there were fears that the imf was set to withhold help to six of the poorest countries till their macroeconomic and government accounting problems were addressed.