Draft policy paper on promoting sustainable trade of wood and wood based products in India

This policy paper provides a brief overview of the status of wood and wood products in India. The main objectives of this policy paper are: To portray an overall situation of wood market in India; To find out gaps between demand and supply of wood in India and find sources and markets of Indian wood products globally; To suggest strategies and approaches for developing a flourishing wood products market in India from the available land resources; To find out policy gaps in governance regime in India (related to wood production areas) which are proving as constraints in growth of a flourishing wood market in India, and suggest solutions; To estimate the total demand, consumption and supply/sources of wood in India from available literature; To recommend future policy measures for meeting rising national and international demands for wood in India; To assess global wood scenario and India's position in overall scenario; and To assess the role of forest certification in promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and trade of wood products in India.