CO2 baseline database for the Indian power sector

The CDM has by now become an established mechanism for crediting climate friendly projects. Projects involving displacement or saving of grid electricity must calculate their emission reductions based on a grid emission factor, which needs to be determined in accordance with the rules set by the CDM Executive Board. Central Electricity Authority (CEA) accordingly took up to compile a database for all grid-connected power stations in India. The purpose of the database is to establish authentic and consistent quantification of the CO2 emission baseline, which can be readily used by CDM project developers in the Indian power sector. This would enhance the acceptability of Indian projects and would also expedite the clearance/approval process. The baseline emissions for the Indian Grid are given in Section 5 (Results) of this User Guide. The purpose of this User Guide is to provide a ready reference to the underlying calculations and assumptions used in the CO2 database and to summarise the key results.

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