Change in water-use efficiency over time (SDG indicator 6.4.1): analysis and interpretation of preliminary results in key regions and countries

  • 20/08/2019
  • FAO

The FAO Land & Water Division launched a new publication and e-learning course on SDG Indicator 6.4.1 - 'Change in water-use efficiency over time'. The new publication, which is the second of a new series of water resources papers on SDG 6.4, is intended to provide suggestions for the interpretation of the indicator 6.4.1. In particular, it focuses on the concept of economic decoupling from water-use, and its application in policy making. The evolution in water-use and water-use efficiency in four selected regions: Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, is discussed. Particular attention is given to the evolution in water-use, water-use efficiency and related drivers in two groups of countries, including major developed economies and newly industrialized countries, and in different economic sectors.