Strategies for operationalizing nature-based solutions in the private sector

Nature-based solutions (NBS) have the potential to address pressing engineering needs while restoring natural landscapes. NBS – sometimes called natural infrastructure and green infrastructure – incorporate the natural environment that mimic or work in concert with natural processes to provide clean water, clean air, flood, fire and drought risk reduction, and other benefits. Unlike many forms of grey infrastructure, NBS also offer an array of economic, social, and environmental co-benefits. While there are several studies showing the application of these solutions in the public sector, there are far fewer studies highlighting how companies can operationalize and scale NBS. Building off the research of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and other publications, this white paper shares knowledge from leading companies on opportunities, drivers, and strategies for scaling NBS. This shared knowledge was aggregated from interviews done with the eight member companies of The Nature Conservancy’s Business Council between March and May 2018. The white paper ends by providing recommendations for how other companies can use these lessons to operationalize NBS within their own operations.