Report on dumping of waste on land reserved for johar/pond in village Meghpur, Palwal, Haryana, 28/11/2019

  • 28/11/2019

Report of District Magistrate, Palwal in OA- 741 of 2019 in the matter of Kapil Sagar Vs State of Haryana in compliance of National Green Tribunal order dated 25/09/2019.

The matter relates to encroachment by Municipal Council, Palwal by dumping garbage on land reserved for johar, khasra No. 27, Rakba 4-0 situated in village Meghpur, District Palwal. The municipal council had converted the pond into a dumping station and it was posing a huge threat to the environment and people of village Meghpur. The people of the village were also suffering from many diseases due to this dumping station.

The report mentions that “khasra no. 27 which is reserved land for Johar/pond is not subject to any encroachment by Municipal Council, Palwal and the same is properly demarcated and Municipal Council, Palwal does not use it as dumping station.” However, Municipal Council, Palwal was dumping municipal waste near it and that issue is under the “active consideration” of the NGT in a seprate case. Efforts are being made to treat the municipal waste to provide a long lasting solution.

Note: The report was filed on November 28, 2019 and made available to the public on May 6, 2020.