Road accidents in India – 2019

Road accidents continue to be a leading cause of death, disabilities and hospitalization in the country despite our commitment and efforts. India ranks first in the number of road accident deaths across the 199 countries and accounts for almost 11% of the accident related deaths in the World. As per the Road Accident Report for 2019, a total number of 449,002 accidents took place in the country during the calendar year 2019 leading to 151,113 deaths and 451,361 injuries. In percentage terms, the number of accidents decreased by 3.86 % in 2019over that of the previous year, while the accident related deaths decreased by 0.20 % and the persons injured decreased by 3.86. The decline in road accidents, killings and injury reported during the calendar year 2019 appear to have been a result of the Motor Vehicle Act implemented in States from September Ist 2019 which focused on road safety and included, inter-alia, stiff hike in penalties for traffic violations as well as electronic enforcement.

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