Glacial lake atlas of ganga river basin

This atlas provides the details of glacial lakes present in the Ganga River basin including their hydrological, geometrical, geographical, and topographical attributes. The satellite data used and methodology followed in delineating the lakes are also discussed. The information on glacial lake types, their areal extent and elevation variations at basin, subbasin level, and administrative units like India, State, and District are provided. Glacial lake maps and respective satellite images are also presented in corresponding SOI Toposheets (1:250,000 scale) covering Ganga River basin. A total of 4,707 glacial lakes (greater than equal to 0.25 ha) are mapped using Resourcesat-2 LISS-IV satellite images for the entire Ganga River basin, with a total lake water spread area of 20,685.12 ha. Nine out of ten different types of glacial lakes are identified and categorised into four major classes, viz., Moraine-dammed lake, Ice-dammed lake, Glacier Erosion lake, and Other Glacial lake. Out of 9 types of glacial lakes, Other Glacial Erosion lakes are found to be the maximum with 1,744 in number occupying a total lake extent of 4,612.02 ha in the basin.