Uganda economic update: putting women at the center of Uganda’s economic revival

Uganda’s economic recovery will be faster, stronger, and more sustainable if it brings more women into the center of profitable economic activity, according to the 18th edition of the Uganda Economic Update (UEU). Uganda Economic Update: Putting Women at the Center of Uganda’s Economic Revival, which projects the country’s economic growth to be between 3.5% and 4.0% in FY22 and about 5.5% in FY23, also delves into a special topic on women’s economic empowerment, with an emphasis on putting women at the center of Uganda’s economic revival. Uganda continues to face gender inequality in economic empowerment and economic outcomes, despite closing gender gaps in rates of labor force participation and entrepreneurial activity. Women earn less than men, and according to the UEU, increasing women’s earnings to match men’s would boost national wealth by 11.8% (USD $1,619 per capita).