Model Goa Municipal Plastic Waste Management Byelaws, 2022

The Department of Urban Development, Goa on 19th May 2022, has published the Model Goa Municipal Plastic Waste Management Byelaws, 2022 which shall apply to every waste generator, manufacturer, producer, importer and brand owner operating within the jurisdiction of the council in the State of Goa. As per the byelaw every waste Generator, Institutional Waste Generator, Owner and Occupier shall segregate the plastic waste at source and store the same in blue coloured container duly covered and hand over the same to the waste picker or the agency as authorized and notified by the Council. No person shall organize any event or gathering, where more than 100 persons are expected, without obtaining prior permission of the Council. All necessary arrangements shall be made by the organiser to ensure that the Plastic Waste is segregated and stored separately in containers of blue colour as specified by the Council. The Plastic Waste shall be handed over to the Council or agency authorized by the Council.