Joint inspection report in the matter of illegal mining and blasting in the hills of village Nahri, Khalari, district Banda, Uttar Pradesh, 15/12/2022

  • 15/12/2022

Joint inspection report filed on the matter of illegal mining, crushing and blasting in the hills of village Nahri and hills of village Khalari, district Banda, Uttar Pradesh in violation of the environmental norms.

On November 15, 2022, the committee along with the applicant, Rajjan Pandey conducted a visit to all the mining areas in question. Similarly, on the same day the drone survey of the mining lease was conducted under the supervision of the joint committee.

During the drone survey, the representative of the mining lease holders informed the committee that they are constantly mining the materials throughout the year.

The committee recommended that SEIAA can be asked to amend and review the environmental clearances issued to these mining projects considering the reported shallow ground water table in the area. As well as residential and agricultural areas located in close proximity. The mining projects have no approach road and there is inadequate width of kachha village road. The reclamation was not done as per mining completion plan in the previous lease, the report, December 15, 2022 said.