Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding illegal mining of dolomite in the area of districts Raigarh and Sarangarh, Chhattisgarh, 11/09/2023

  • 11/09/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Central Zone Bench, Bhopal) in the matter of Sudheer Kumar Pandey Vs State of Chhattisgarh & Others dated 11/09/2023.

The matter related to illegal mining of dolomite in the area of districts Raigarh and Sarangarh, Chhattisgarh.

The applicant, Sudheer Kumar has alleged that the miners are engaged in mining beyond the area permitted under the concerned permissions/sanctions/NOCs/Environmental Clearance and in transportation of mined mineral, due precaution is not being observed causing huge dust and thereby causing air pollution.

The Joint Committee constituted by the orders of the NGT, July 10, 2023 said that the M/s Raigarh Minerals, the Project Proponent has valid and requisite permission from the competent authority and certain recommendations have been made to be complied by the respondents (authorities and the mineral-based company).

The NGT, September 11, 2023 taking into account the observations and recommendations of the joint committee directed the respondents to follow the recommendations which include the following:

1. Mining Department shall increase the frequency of inspection of mineral reserve areas and storage permission area for monitoring of stocking quantity

2. Project proponents shall make proper arrangements for tarpaulin covering of material carrying trucks

3. Project proponents shall increase the density of plantation in 7.5 meter wide safety area all along the mine periphery

4. Project proponents shall submit compliance of Environment Clearance condition every six month to appropriate authority.

The NGT directed the Chhattisgarh Environment Conservation Board and Mining Department to enforce the recommendations and incase of violations to ensure the compliances and take necessary actions.