CNG programme in India: the future challenges

With a large number of Indian cities embarking on natural gas vehicle programme it is essential that the elements of these programmes are well defined for maximum environmental and public health gains. It is important that the lessons are drawn from the well established programmes in the region to chart the future course. The existing programs in Indian cities are of varying scale and scope and reflect the regional imperatives. Environmental imperatives are much stronger in India today, which in conjunction with the energy security concerns are propelling these programs. The front runner cities that have already established their first generation CNG programmes like Delhi and Mumbai along with the new ones are at the throes of planning the second generation expansion. This will require well thought out policy and criteria to maximize the environmental and public health benefits of these programmes and also make them economically effective. Therefore, it is important to consider the criteria on the basis of which the future expansion of CNG infrastructure and transport sector programmes will be planned in India.

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