• Park service unable to detail maintenance needs

    It will take the Park Service another three years to determine the full extent of the maintenance backlog across the 388 units of the national park system, Park Service Deputy Director Donald Murphy

  • PETA cries foul in KFC lawsuit

    An animal rights group filed a lawsuit against fast-food chain KFC, accusing the company of making misleading statements on its Web site regarding how the chickens it sells are treated. People for

  • Stray dogs menace Bokaro's spotted deer

    Stray dogs have wrecked havoc among spotted deer of Jawaharlal Nehru Park in Bokaro district of Jharkhand. According to officials of the park, stray dogs have killed 18 spotted deer in last few

  • Falling prey to drugs

    It remained a mystery until recently. Nobody, not even top-notch scientists, could solve the puzzle. The widespread mortality and decline of three vulture species - Gyps bengalensis, Gyps indicus and

  • Notification may spur poaching, fears WTI

    There are serious apprehensions of illegal trade of animals, animal particles, including the high priced Shahtoosh shawls, and chances of fresh poaching in the region in wake of the recent Gazette of

  • Muthurajawela land grab continues unabated

    Action is yet to be taken to remove illegal squatters from Muthurajawela (Sri Lanka) despite threats from the Department of Wildlife to take immediate legal action last week. Meanwhile the

  • New species found

    At least seven species new to science have been found in the mountains of Bolivia by a university expedition. The students found two frog species, two snakes, two toads and a

  • Survival at stake

    The number of threatened animal species in India has increased two fold in the past decade. During the onset of 1990s the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources(IUCN)

  • Rs 15 crore for small animals

    The Centre has launched a scheme for conservation of small ruminants, including the wild ass, double-humped camel, Sikkim yak, Zanskari pony and Pashmina goat, Union Agriculture Minsiter Rajnath

  • Vulture population declining due to infection

    The nationwide annual vulture survey for 2002, has shown an alarming 50 per cent decline in population of white backed vulture species and 25 per cent decline among the population of long-billed and

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