Peace And Disarmament

  • War ailments due to toxins

    The Pentagon has admitted for the first time that thousands of Gulf war soldiers may have been exposed to toxic depleted uranium. A report by Bernard Rostker, special assistant for Gulf war

    • 15/01/1998

  • Sub-critical nuclear test held in Nevada

    The United States has conducted non-explosive nuclear tests in the deserts of Nevada, a department of energy spokesperson said. The test, conducted on Saturday, was a sub-critical experiment designed

  • New Bhopal water scheme

    People in Bhopal can now quench their thirst as Rs 105 crores have been sanctioned for a water supply scheme, earmarked for the people of Indore, Guna and the metropolis. Inaugurating the 33rd

  • India rejects 'artificial' deadlines for signing CTBT

    India has firmly rejected artificial deadlines the Unites States has been trying to set for New Delhi to sign the CTBT by attempting to link it to President Bill Clinton's visit to India, it is

    • 24/12/1997

  • India ready to enter CTBT without signature

    India is preparing to accept the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) without actually signing it. India diplomats in Geneva are negotiating with key nuclear weapons powers an unprecedented and

    • 18/12/1997

  • Landmine treaty becomes law

    A global treaty banning landmines has become the international law after it was ratified by 40 countries, a spokesman for the Bonel Prize winning group which fought to create it said. The West Africa

    • 18/12/1997

  • Tests were exaggerated by India and Pakistan

    India and Pakistan exaggerated the number and size of the nuclear weapons that each nation detonated earlier this year, overstating the power of the bombs by a factor of four, according to the first

    • 17/12/1997

  • India now a nuclear power, says France

    France said on Wednesday that it recognises India as a nuclear weapons state and that New Delhi is the "best candidate" for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council. "We recognise

  • Govt approves second phase of Agni missile programme

    Reiterating that the government had approved development of the second phase of the Agni intermediate range ballistic missile with an enhanced range, defence minister George Fernandes on Tuesday said

    • 12/12/1997

  • Special group on treaty to ban output of fissile material

    The Conference on Disarmament announced in Geneva an agreement to create a special group to negotiate a treaty banning the output of fissile material for nuclear purposes. The decision to create an

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