Faridabad (D)

  • Waste management plant to be set up

    The Municipal Corporation of Faridabad (MCF) has decided to set up the much-desired solid waste management plant. The civic body said that the project would be set up on Gurgaon-Palli road within eight months. The construction work is expected to start in March. The MCF will provide Rs 26 crore to a private firm for setting up the plant. It will also provide more than 50 acres of land to the firm on 50 years' lease. The firm will operate and manage the plant. It will be responsible for clearing up solid waste disposal from the city. After the lease period, the firm will hand over the utility and infrastructure to the MCF. According to the MCF, the plant will have the capacity to treat over 600 tonnes of solid waste. The need for such a plant was long felt because of the huge amount of waste generated in the city. The expanding city population proves to be a tough call for civic authorities to deal with the growing heap of garbage.

  • Ma, ho gai pass? Literacy drive targets rural women

    At 35, when Harpyari first held a pen and wrote her name it was a child-like scrawl. However, with it, she etched a lasting story of empowerment.

  • Central Ground Water Board

    Central Ground Water Authority has been constituted under Section 3 (3) of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 to regulate and control development and management of ground water resources in the country.

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