San Mateo, a landfill site located in Antipolo city, the Philippines, is posing a health hazard to the local residents. The residents fear that the toxic nature of the dump could cause serious health effects. San Mateo receives some 6,000 tonnes of solid waste everyday, generated by Manila's 12 million people. "The main problem is that landfill is located within the watershed and 80 per cent of the residents in Antipolo rely on the deep wells for their water,' says Roland Quong, chairperson of the area's welfare association. "So if the toxic elements from the landfill seep into the drinking water, then people will be exposed to many diseases,' adds Quong. According to him, the landfill did not have an environmental clearance certificate. "I do not know why the government should violate the law which they are mandated to uphold,' asks Quong.

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