Europe deluged

Europe deluged   it is a downpour that has left most parts of central and eastern Europe submerged in misery. Over the past few weeks, unprecedented and severe storms have triggered floods in the region, claiming more than 112 lives, rendering thousands homeless and causing damage worth more than us $21.5 billion. Authorities say the floods have shattered all prior records. The deluge has had an impact on 24 countries. The nations worst affected by the floods are Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Russia (see map). Rain-swollen rivers continue to wreak havoc throughout the central part of the continent, with the Elbe overflowing in Germany and inundating the cultural treasures of Dresden. The Danube has also inflicted widespread damage in Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.

"The worst affected are upper and lower Austria and Salzburg. Parts of these regions have had rainfall never measured before since weather records began to be documented over 100 years ago,' said Elisabeth Koch of the Austrian centre for meteorology and geophysics. In Dresden, the waters rose above the 1845 record high of 8.77 metres and have now reportedly reached nine metres. Germany's weather service has reported measuring 317 litres per square metre of rain at several monitoring stations

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