Razing the past

"Ravenswood" is the name of the historic building in Simla which houses the high court of Himachal Pradesh. To meet the growing need of courtrooms and offices, a ten-storey monstrosity has mush-roomed in the front half of "Ravenswood". Soon, the entire old structure may be bulldozed.

Situated on a spur of rock on the south east part of Simla, "Ravenswood" has a Tudor-style structure, which once nestled amidst gigantic pines and lush willows. "Ravenswood" was originally owned by M O'Meara, a well-known dentist who came to Simla in 1850. Over the years, "Ravenswood" changed many hands. In 1971, Himachal Pradesh attained statehood and "Ravenswood" became the majestic seat of the Himachal Pradesh high court. A number of people, including lawyers and judges, regret that this colonial structure may be lost forever.

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