Earthy musical

  • 14/05/1995

AFTER Vasundhara it is Dharti. Environmentalism is surely growing on the theatre groups of the Capital. Dharti, a Hindustani musical was staged by the Delhi Art Theater to commemorate the World Drama Day (March 27).

The play took off from the Big Bang theory. The son et lumiere pyrotechnics were dramatic. The play circles around the story of evolution, reaching 1995 -- when time stands still and the man-nature conflict peaks. Between Khoji (researcher) and Chintamani (thinker), the 2 main characters, the entire gamut of issues related to environment are explored. Societal changes are clearly held responsible for increasing the pressure on our natural resources.

Witty and humorous limericks had the audience chuckling every now and then. The irony of what we had and what we have thrown away in the name of development and progress comes out very strongly. Wasteful consumerism is also lambasted.

Dealing with all the right issue, from corruption to the minority status of women, this is a politically correct play. However, it is a bit burdened in the tail, with messages about the value of education and awareness as the only route to salvaging the environment.