Weather wonders!

Weather wonders! IT WAS the inexorable hand of climate that spurred human evolution. This is the latest finding of Peter researcher, working with the University of Columbia's Lamont-Doherty Observatory, us. No one knows for c tain what first forced huntoem remote ape-like ancestors to forsa the trees they called home, why so prehistoric species surpassed others or why primitive human ancestors migrated ted out of their African homeland.

The new study has come up wise the first detailed evidence to established that weather may be at the root all these momentous changes. An analysis of ocean sediments I revealed that In the last three years, East Africa was rocked times by abrupt cycles of coldw, climate. Each cycle of change with the demise of some primo species and the development of tow who became the forebearers of humanity. 'We 4 now place the ft record of hum development witl the context of very detailed records how African climate changed during the period of evolution," said deMenocal.

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