Mumbai may lose its open spaces

Mumbai may lose its open spaces a discreet letter, che/gen-318/dp/gen, dated October 16, 2006, from the commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (mcgm) was recently discussed during its improvements committee meeting. Its subject line has worried urban planners and activists: "Policy guidelines for allowing development of lands reserved for public purposes of gymnasium, gymkhana club, stadium, swimming pool, recreation ground (rg) and play ground (pg).'

Implementation of these guidelines will mean that Mumbai's reserved open public spaces will be handed over to private organisations/corporate bodies for development and maintenance. This will mean that they will get construction rights over 25 per cent of the total space leased to them. The rest shall be used for "disciplined' public use with "restricted hours' of entry.The letter also says, "...such plots [reserved for recreation] may be developed by mcgm or entrusted on adoption basis to public spirited organisations

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