Poland`s emissions quota plea rejected

The European Union's Court of First Instance, the second-highest court in the union, has rejected Poland's request for a temporary suspension of a cut in its co2 emission quota, imposed by the European Commission.

Poland had filed a lawsuit against the commission's decision to cut a quota proposed by the country by 27 per cent for the next phase (2008-2012) of the eu's carbon trading scheme. The Polish government had argued that the nation's economy will suffer irreparable damage from the emissions cut and had asked to suspend the decision until the case is concluded.

Poland is one of the seven eastern European nations to take the commission to court over cuts in carbon quotas proposed by them.

Meanwhile, unhappy with the commission's decision, the Bulgarian government is discussing the issue with business groups in the country and plans to take measures to protect the quotas it had asked for from the eu for 2007 and for the period 2008-2012. It has mandated use of solar energy and other hybrid technologies.