Kodaikanal Mercury Dumping

Environmental activists in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, are protesting against Hindustan Lever Limited's (HLL) dumping of toxic mercury waste in the town and in the reserve of Pambar Shola. The waste, estimated to be around 15 tonnes, is generated from the thermometer factory of HLL situated in Kodaikanal. Initially HLL maintained a silence, but has now admitted that the mercury-containing glass waste at the Munjikal scrapyard in Kodaikanal originated from their factory. The company has agreed to track and retrieve other such shipments that have been sent to various locations outside the factory. Although the residents welcome this statement, they are worried about the damage to their environment, since the dumping has been going on for the last 17 years. Madhumita Dutta of Toxics Link says that a huge quantity of waste is carried to various parts of Tamil Nadu and poses a grave threat.

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