The threat sleeping sickness continue to loom large acrow I areas of Africa, Ivory Coast, Togo and 74 Health professiona6 in la Coast and Togo min" that hard economic and diversion of fitmnew scourges such as A have pushed the attack the disease carrying tsetse fly and early identification infected people down the Sea sickness Priority list of governments and international organizations alike. Felix Doua, who ons a clinic in Ivory Coast,say 'on the list of dismisses that preoccupy governments,sleeping sickness last.

According to Simon van Niuwenhove, a Belgian Sleeping sickness expert, xas an epidemic as dim of 1900, which milhou people. In epidemic has been up Jim several years IM000 people are m6cted - 70 per if ibe population in lbpm lUose affficted so die unless they weetment, which IvoryCoast I# mported only 400 who ym, but a rare commmm uncovered 4 in just one district.

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