After a year of droughts and famines, South Asia is bracing itself for La Nina, the other half of El Nine weather phenomenon which had wreaked havoc all over the world last year. Malaysia has already begun gearing up for the fight against thunderstorms and floods. Based on the data received from the Asian Specialised Meteorological Centre in Singapore, Malaysia's science, technology and environment minister Law Hieng Ding has predicted a 75 per cent probability of La Nina striking the region next month.

The weather phenomenon is expected to last for several months, increasing rainfall by 40 per cent, said Law. According to the government, all state and national committees have been directed to prepare for La Nina and the meteorological department will issue 24-hour early warnings of impending thunderstorms. Among the dangers posed by the heavy rains were "king tides" sweeping into low-lying coastal areas, landslides and floods.

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