Food that keeps you fit

Dried mahua flowers consumed in the rainy season when grain is scarce help retain body heat and keep away chills and joint pains.
Young leaves of tarota, a short green plant abundant during the rains, consumed at least seven times during the season keeps away arthritis.
Ikdodi, a bitter fruit, consumed at least once in a year kills intestinal worms and removes feverish tendencies.
Umber, a variety of fig, is good for the stomach and for general well being; the raw fruit should be cooked and consumed as often as possible.
The National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, has nutrition data on at least two of these foods. Mahua flowers, according to NIN, have more than twice as much calcium as grapes (four times as much as apples) and 40 times as much Vitamin C. They also have a high Vitamin A content, which grapes and apples do not have. They also have more protein and minerals than apples and grapes and a high phosphorus content.
Tarota is far richer as compared to spinach and fenugreek (methi) leaves in vital nutrients like iron (12 and six times respectively), calcium (five and 1.5 times), Vitamin A (two and four times), Vitamin C (four and 1.5 times), protein (twice as much as spinach) and fibre (four times and twice).

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