Unveiling the horrors

The Iraqi government is finally coming clean on its secret biological weapons programme. Rolf Ekeus, the un official in charge of eliminating Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, informed the world community on July 1 that the authorities have provided classified information on the country's biological arsenal. Especially the whereabouts of 17 tonnes of "growth media" that could be used to make such weapons.

Ekeus is responsible for giving a clean chit to Iraq regarding the disposal of its biological, chemical, nuclear and ballistic weapons before the Security Council considers easing the ban on Iraqi oil exports imposed after its 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

Ekeus, who was on a 3-day visit to Baghdad was in an upbeat mood. "We have had positive and constructive talks with the has provided new information with regard to biological weapons," he declared. Now, of course, follow-up work is required before arriving at any concrete decision.

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