Green IT: why mid-size companies are investing now

Green IT: why mid-size companies are investing now This paper presents the results of a study conducted to understand why Green IT initiatives are undertaken, and how the results translate into cost savings, business value and environmental benefits. More than 1,000 IT professionals in midsize businesses, from 12 countries and eight industries have been consulted in the survey.
This paper examines the impact and adoption rates of 11 Green IT initiatives in mid-size organizations around the world: server virtualization and consolidation, storage consolidation, desktop virtualization, existing server room upgrades, new server room builds, IT energy measurement, PC power management, printer consolidation, remote conferencing, telecommuting and IT equipment recycling. The most popular initiatives being adopted today are storage consolidation, remote conferencing and telecommuting projects, all of which yield immediate cost reduction benefits along with a reduced environmental footprint.

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